Love God, Love People, Serve the World

What do we believe?

We want to thank you for looking into First Baptist Church through our website. Our hope is that what you see and read will be a great incentive to come and see us, for yourself, in person. 

Getting to know a church can be a difficult thing. What are they trying to achieve? What do they believe? These are very important questions and the answers are vital to your connection to any local church. 

It is our desire at FBC to help people learn how to LOVE GOD, LOVE PEOPLE, and SERVE THE WORLD!  This is the direction and purpose in our community. 

Constitution and Doctrinal Statements

It is also important that you have an idea of what we believe. There are twelve core beliefs that are foundational to FBC. We invite you to view our Constitution and Doctrinal Statements, (download the PDF version HERE)​​​​​​​ and you can read them on pages 4-6, under ‘Article IV: Affirmation Of Faith.’ 

A Word from Retired Pastor Dave McMahon

Someone once said, “Imagine you had a dear friend who was dying of a very rare disease, and you bring this friend to a doctor. The Doc says, ‘You'll be dead in a week. I can cure you, but I want you to know if I give you the remedy there's just one thing: it'll keep you alive for the rest of your life, but you can never eat chocolate again.’ Well, you're so excited. You turn to your friend and say, ‘Isn't this great?’ Your friend says, ‘No chocolate? Forget it!’ You say, ‘Are you crazy?’”

Jesus came a long time ago and said, “You have a disease that’s fatal. It’s called sin. I can cure you, but you have to realize one thing. While what I offer will bring you life unending and joy in the here-and-now, you’ll need to give me your life.” What would you say?

Whatever the response, we invite you to taste who Jesus is with us. We promise we won’t call you crazy. What we will promise is that though we’re imperfect too, subject to the same disease, we’d like to show you a life where you can be loved rather than judged. And when it comes to Jesus, our hope is you won’t say, “Forget it!”

To view our Constitution and Doctrinal Statements, download the PDF version HERE